Friday, August 7, 2009


Who knows taking care of one kid will be so hard...... Can't even image if I have two kids... I think I will go insane.....
These few days I have been thinking if I really need to do the sleep training.....I kept on asking myself... does it really worth the time and energy to go through with it... I read 3 books about sleep training... all 3 books have different methods and approaches for the training but there is one thing that they all agreed on is that doing the training is necessary.. But on the other hand... they are writing the book to make money, of course they are going to say it is needed....
Having say that I don't want Aaden grow up to have problem fall asleep like I am, I want him to be like Peter that he can fall asleep within second...and since he can't fall asleep on his own now.. so the training is needed I guess....

There are so many stages in parenthood that when you are going through it you would think... my God... I will never pass this stage but once you through... and you look back... you asked yourself why did I stressed about it so much for.....It is alot of work... but it is so worth it.... especially when the little one look at you and gave you the most amazing smile that you ever see in your entire life......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wedding Day

It is done!!!

The whole day went by in a blur, but I had fun.

It was the way I want it and the way I like it.

Thanks to everyone who came to help out the day before and the day of to set up and to clean up.
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate this incredible day with us.

Enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wedding Check List

My wedding check list
  1. Wedding gown... done... the only thing that I actually did...
  2. F& B.... mmm.... mmm.... we are waiting for M & M and Costco to go on sale...
  3. Showers, registry.... what showers... what registry
  4. Marriage License.... Done.. thanks to my Peter.. he is the BEST!
  5. Wedding Accessories..... What.... do what?!!!
  6. get in shape to fit into the gown.... say what... no one memtioned anything about getting in shape for anything.
  7. Transportation..... mmm..... no transportation
  8. Music....... no.. no.. and no.... :(

I think I am by far the wrost Bride ever.... I don't have anything done....I don't even know what is there to do.....

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It all started with a salsa lesson

So many of my friends, close or not close, asked me, where did you find peter, how did you fool him to be with you? Part jokingly, part true, I always replied to them, I found him in a dance class and I showered him with my fairy dust then I hooked him up with my right index finger!!! Whoever heard my answer always burst out laughing.

The great difference between me and Peter are the main reason that curious my friends to have wonders. And the fact that we probability won't be together if is not for the dance classes that gave us chance to get to know each other better.

Now we are getting married in May, I can only say it is the faith that brought us together at the right moment of our life.